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Large Animal Services

Dairy and Beef Cattle Services

Herd and Fertility Management - We can provide routine monitoring and data analysis as frequently as required to keep your herd productive and calving regularly. On the practical side we use up to date, self powered ultrasonic scanners with both goggles and screens for early pregnancy diagnosis and reproductive health checks. We can also spend time with you and your nutritionist to ensure that your cows' dietary requirements are being met, making use of metabolic profiling if necessary. We troubleshoot if problems such as fertility losses, lameness or digestive problems arise, but much prefer to prevent them in the first place!


Bull Fertility - We can assess bull fertility by analysing a semen sample collected using our modern electro-ejaculation equipment. This is done "as you wait", allowing him to get back to work with confidence in his performance. Roddy and Catarina are both experienced in this field, and in full bull assessment.


Udder Health - High bulk milk cell counts cost money, as do high numbers of mastitis cases. We can guide you in keeping both of these down, and in troubleshooting to find minimal cost solutions for reducing mammary health problems that may be present in your herd.


Disease Control - We appreciate the cost and economics of disease and can monitor it's prevalence in your herd to find the best way of minimising its effects or eradicating it completely. Vaccination strategies can be tailored to suit each livestock unit and its disease profile. We make best use of new tests and diagnostic procedures to stay as up to date as possible, regularly attending courses in all aspects of farm animal medicine, surgery and preventative health.


Foot Trimming - We have a fully hydraulic mobile foot trimming crush that accommodates cows and bulls alike, allowing us to examine lame animals or tidy up overgrown feet easily and safely. The crush is also excellent for bull fertility testing if they don't fit into the crush present on farm.

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Beef Cattle and Sheep Services

Herd and Flock Plans - Dunmuir Veterinary Group are experienced in all aspects of sheep and suckler cow management, and in the formation of health and welfare plans. We advise on combating and preventing disease, parasite control and dietary deficiencies in your stock. Our aim is to find the most cost-effective and efficient ways of making your livestock units as productive as possible. Improvements to health and welfare can bring massive improvements to profitability.


Health Schemes - We facilitate the entrance of farms into SAC Premium Herd and Flock Health Schemes which are especially useful for high-value pedigree breeding programmes.


Sheep Fertility - Testing procedure is similar to that of bulls, using a modern electro-ejaculator. Several methods exist for improving ewe fertility and to produce a compact lambing, all of which can be discussed at routine management meetings.

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