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Healthy Pets Club

At Dunmuir Veterinary Group, we want to make preventative health care both easy and affordable, giving pets

the best possible care and keeping them in good health. We strongly believe prevention is better than cure.

Early diagnosis of health problems help your pet to live a long and healthy life


The Dunmuir Healthy Pets Club is not pet insurance, but will compliment pet insurance, giving your pet the best care possible. Membership to the Healthy Pets Club covers the regular treatments which your pet requires throughout their life, such as, vaccinations, parasitic treatments and regular health checks. Extra benefits include discounts on food and other routine treatments your pet might require.


£14 per month



£20 per month


£15 per month


£23 per month


£17 per month

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At-A-Glance- Healthy Pets Club


Regular checks an​d maintenance of general health for your pet


Top quality licenced medication


Convenient monthly payments for routine services


Discounts on 
additio​nal services

Why choose Healthy Pet Club?

Our Healthy Pets Club member's are provided with the support they need to help their pets stay fit and healthy. Regular visits mean that we have the opportunity to administer necessary vaccinations and dispense accurate up-to-date parasite treatments. 

Furthermore, full clinical examination provides pet owners with peace of mind that we carefully monitor the general health of your pet and offer advice, support and treatment planning. This can reduce and prevent problems arising in the future.

Additionally, the cost of maintaining the general health of your pets is distributed throughout the year by making monthly direct debit payments. Whilst spreading the cost of routine treatments, all members qualify for additional discounts on other items in the practice.


For more information please speak to one of our team by contacting us at 01556 502400 or If you wish to sign up please select the plan in which you wish to join using the options above. If you have multiple pets they can be added on later once the first pet has been registered.

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